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To add an iterator to your class it is only necessary to write a small class to represent the state of the iterator with 7 small functions, of which 2 are optional: If T is already const this conversion never gets used. Your declaration of post-increment operator is wrong, because this method must custom copy of value, but increments it inside.

Why is it confusing? By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Iterator, but it's surprisingly hard to just find a list of the requirements if you implement it from scratch.

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I'm pretty sure Boost has something to ease this but I can't use it here, for many stupid reasons. That means, if I swap out my container with the stl version, the code would work the same. Custom write review iterator c++ What's very interesting is the Tutorial Example which shows a complete implementation, from scratch, for a custom type.

This is for a library and I don't want to introduce any dependency on it unless I really need to. Create your "custom iterator" class. Custom write review iterator c++ I prefer the second option, to avoid changing things in the std namespace, and for readability, but most people inherit from std::

This is for a library and I don't want to introduce any dependency on it unless I really need to. So our resulting class declaration turns out to be: Notify me of new comments via email.

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GameDeveloper check this template library I wrote for implementing iterators: It's been some time, but I recall now that the conversions should be predicated by SFINAE on the well-formedness of the underlying member initializations. Thomas Becker wrote a useful article on the subject here. homework help writing free science Can you explain the meaning of this comment?

I don't know if Boost has anything that would help. First of all you can look here for a list of the various operations the individual iterator types need to support. i need help writing a descriptive essay sample As others mentioned, look at cplusplus. Looking back at our custom container, we somehow need to point to custom of three fields. Ah, it is valid, but Comeau gives a warning and I suspect a lot of others will as well.

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Andrey Could you explain the distinction between value type, pointer type, and reference type? There was also this perhaps simpler approach that appeared previously on SO: As others mentioned, look at cplusplus. In addition to either specialize std:: So our resulting class declaration turns out to be:

Sign up using Facebook. The main reason is that EASTL is more readable than the stl counterpart I found this is simply because of the lack of all the macros and straight forward coding style. Custom write review iterator c++ Sign up using Facebook. Feb 7 '17 at 7: Raw pointer range based loop workaround.

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