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You become emotionally attached to the characters in the movie. More importantly the story highlights our society's challenges in schooling the children of poor and one-parent families. dissertation conclusion guide It was overall a decent story, but I wasn't thrilled or moved to tears.

The movie doesn't give miracle answers. This inspiring film delivers a positive and productive message. us writing service redditch It brought me in at the beginning and didn't let me go until the credits hit the screen. The real miracle that was wrought in Freedom Writers is that Swank gave these kids a vision of the wider world. The teacher is the kingpin of the educational situation.

And for those who believe this film is just another version of the film "Dangerous Minds" starring Michelle Pfieffer, think again! And I decided that as long as people are isolated because of their race and as long as people innocently die in the midst of a gang war, it's okay for this plot to live on Overall, however, the film rings true about the magic a dedicated teacher can do with rebellious but malleable teens.

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The humor was really smart too which was a big plus. The truth doesn't carry any weight, either. Freedom writers online latino The movie made be believe in the power that one person can hold to improve the lives of others. She gets good support from Patrick Dempsey as the husband who becomes estranged from her with her single minded devotion to her kids and from Scott Glenn as her father.

I wish she'd been my teacher and given me The Diary of Anne Frank to read. The movie is beyond wonderful and doesn't stray from the book at all. Freedom writers online latino A wide range of ethnic and cultural divisions provide difficulties aplenty with gang activity and general mischief being the orders of the day and it is up to Swank to pull through the layers of grief, anger and despair to help her students not only succeed in the classroom, but also in life. Also, Hilary Swank looks a lot like the real Erin Gruwell so that was actually pretty cool.

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Don't listen to the naysayers bandislife-1 5 January Definitely better than Dangerous Minds. But our idealistic teacher will not give up. help with a paper car It wasn't that I was biting my tongue, it was that I wasn't paying attention to the mistakes of the movie wherever they were because I was so engrossed in the plot

This film is a superior entry in a long history of teaching brought to its ideal form in film. More importantly the story highlights our society's challenges in schooling the children of poor and one-parent families. coursework b 2018 marking scheme Hilary Swank led the way with a cast of not as well-known actors, who stood out and graced the big screen with their talents of conveying the truth.

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Those are the folks the educational system ought to treasure. She gives them the freedom to write about whatever they want and it becomes a personal journal for most. Freedom writers online latino And that's what Hilary Swank is in Long Beach High School a newly racially mixed school where all the kids seem to be balkanized.

But it does give hope. Mary NoLittleLamb 28 May It was a really nice film and a must see. Freedom writers online latino They do have a point; in a large public education system the goal has to be the greatest good for the greatest number, and some are going to be left behind because their needs are too great. The teacher is the kingpin of the educational situation.

It is beautifully done. Very, very intense movie. Freedom writers online latino The photo at the end of the picture suggests a great number of them survived and even thrived. I wanted to stay inside the theater for the next showing!! The Wave is based on a true story This one is my favorite, it helps you understand the mob mentality of eugenics wars.

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